Существует множество других видов асемблера, число которых постоянно растет. Вот ссылки на некоторые их них:

Turbo Assembler (TASM)

http://pascal.sources.ru/asm/compiler/tasm/tasm5.zip  (+ tasm5plus.zip)

Macro Assembler (MASM32)


Flat Assembler (FASM)


Netwide Assembler (NASM)





CodeX Assembler


High Level Assembly Lang' (HLA)


Gema Assembler




Lazy Assembler (LZASM)


Light Macro Assembler (LASM)


NewBasic++ Assembler (NBASM)




Popular Assembler (PopAsm)


RosAsm (SpAsm)


Table Driven Assembler (TDASM)


TMA Macro Assembler




GNU Assembler (GAS)






MPLAB (создание и отладка кода
              для микроконтроллеров)

Eng: http://www.microchip.com/1010/pline/tools/picmicro/devenv/mplabi/
Rus: http://www.microchip.ru/?mid=2x2

Ассемблер для 8080 (К580ВМ80А)


asm68 (для 68xxx)


GoldRoad Assembler (для GBA)


V810 Assembler (for Virtual Boy)


Некоторые из этих ассемблеров можно также скачать здесь.



Отличные справочники по прерываниям, портам, адресам памяти и
прочее в виде текстовых файлов:
Ralf Brown's Interrupt List (HTML)

Ralf Brown's Interrupt List (FTP)

Ведущий источник технической информации о процессорах x86:

Весь сайт в архиве

Оптимизация кода для процессоров Pentium:




>>>     Контроллер клавиатуры и мыши PS/2.    <<<      


Interfacing the PC's Keyboard
IBM Keyboards. Not really an interesting topic, one would expect. So why would you want to interface the Keyboard? The IBM keyboard can be a cheap alternative to a keyboard on a Microprocessor development system. Or maybe you want a remote terminal, just couple it with a LCD Module. If so, then this page has all the required information to get you started.

The following is a well-tested/verified collection of scan codes.  These are the actual codes sent by your keyboard before any translation occurs.
Scan codes for the 101/102/104 -key keyboard (SET 1)
Scan codes for the 101/102/104 -key keyboard (SET 2)
Scan codes for the 101/102/104 -key keyboard (SET 3)


Related Information:
The AT-PS/2 Keyboard Interface - Information on the keyboard and keyboard controller.
PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard Protocol - Protocol used by AT and PS/2 keyboards.
Keyboard Code/Projects - My keyboard projects and source code.
Mouse Code/Projects - My mouse projects and source code.
Holtek - Informative datasheets on many different PS/2 mice (and other peripherals).
EMC - More inormative datasheets on many different PS/2 mice (and an ADB mouse).
Synaptics Touchpad Interfacing Guide -Very informative!



Programming the Microsoft Mouse





>>>     COM  порты     <<<      

Interfacing the Serial Port - Parts 1 and 2 Available in PDF
Explains the pin diagrams of the RS-232 Port and the 8250 & Compatible UARTs. Includes information on handshaking, Null Modems, DTE/DCE Speeds, flow control, types of UART's etc. The second part of this series gives details of the Serial Ports Registers for the PC (8250 to 16750 UARTs) and the Serial Port's Addresses in the PC.

Interfacing the Serial Ports - Parts 3 and 4
Starts with example programs written in C, using both the Interrupt Driven and Polling methods for the PC. Gives details of how the programs work and how they can be changed to suit your requirements, i.e. Changing addresses, FIFO Buffers, IRQ's etc. It then gives details of interfacing your own projects to the RS-232 Port using MAX-232's, CDP6402 UART's and Micro-Controllers.










>>>     Параллельные  порты   LPT    <<<      









==== Version 0.96   9/1/94     Zhahai Stewart   zstewart@hisys.com

взять ссылку по этой статье, зарядив поиск

         Interfacing the IBM PC Parallel Printer Port



Interfacing the Standard Parallel Port Available in PDF
Describes interfacing the Standard Parallel Port (SPP). Includes a general introduction to Parallel Ports (SPP, EPP & ECP) and their standards. Looks at reading 8 bits of data using the bi-directional port, and using other methods such as reading a nibble at a time etc. Also details the Parallel Ports interrupts. Programming examples using C are included along with a detailed description of the Parallel Port's Registers.

Interfacing the Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) Available in PDF
Interfacing the Enhanced Parallel Port is the first page, out of the Parallel Port Series which has been revised. This page, devoted entirely to the EPP port, now includes waveforms plus a more detailed description of this Port.

Interfacing the Extended Capabilities Parallel Port (ECP) Available in PDF
Interfacing the Extended Capabilities Parallel Port has just been revised. This page focuses on the Extended Capabilities Parallel Port (ECP), and now includes waveforms plus a more detailed description of this Port


>>>     Порты   USB    <<<      






USB in a Nutshell - Making sense of the USB standard Available in PDF
USB in a Nutshell is a six part article detailing the Universal Serial Bus. It currently provides details on the connectors, electrical, suspend currents, speed identification, USB packet types, endpoints, pipes, endpoint/transfer types including Control, Interrupt, Isochronous and Bulk Transfers, USB descriptors including Device, Configuration, Interface, Endpoint and String descriptors, the USB Setup Packet and Standard Device, Standard Interface and Standard Endpoint Requests.
Now includes an example - PDIUSBD11 connected to a PIC16F87x

USB1.1 Integrated Circuits
We look at some of the USB1.1 Microcontrollers and I.C's on the market today along with some cheap yet nifty development boards. This includes the Cypress EZ-USB Family, Philip's PDIUSBD11, PDIUSBD12 & PDIUSBP11, FTDI's FT8U232AM and FT8U245AM, Motorola 68HC705JB3 & 68HC705JB4, National Semiconductor's USBN9602 and Microchip's PIC16C745 & PIC16C765 with links to the USB USB-IF Developers Discussion Forum and other informative sites.

USB 2 Integrated Circuits
USB 2.0 with a maximum speed of 480Mb/s is getting closer to reality. Detailed here are some of the more popular USB 2.0 silicon devices and a status on how Microsoft is going with their EHCI USB2 drivers for Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems.

USB Device Driver Development
Provides information on where to find information for developing USB device drivers.

USB Protocol Analysers
With USB's differential bus and highly complex protocol, what do you do when you want to monitor what is going on between your device and the host. You can't just grab the digital storage oscilloscope and probe around like you could with less complex traditional serial buses. We look at the new Ellisys USB Tracker 110 which will fit even the tightest of budgets.





>>>     По  CDR  и около того   <<<      


This is the list of some CD Related Links I found while looking for information:

  cdrecord - cdrecord ftp site

  cdrecord - Cdrecord information

  cdrecord/2 - Cdrecord binary for OS/2

  Cdrecord drive compat - Cdrecord's drive compatibility list (cannot list all)

  Xpilot drive compat - Winnie's Cdrecord drive compatibility list (may not be up to date)

  Sun Cdrom - Sun CD-ROM FAQ

  Linux Cdrom - Linux CD-Rom Page

  HOWTOs - Linuxdoc Linux HOWTOs

  Linux Hardware - Linuxdoc Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO

  Linux Hardware CD - Linuxdoc Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO: CD-Writers

  Italian - Cdrecord information (Italian)

  CD tools - CD related tools (ftp: sunsite.unc.edu)

  Jörn Fiebelkorn - CD Benchmark ... (W95/W98/WNT only)

  CD drive Firmware - A collection of CD writer Firmware from Ahead (Note: HTML code us full of bugs so page may not display correctly)

  Ricoh links - A collection of Links for Ricoh drives

  HP links - A collection of Links for HP drives

  HP SCSI commands - A HTML command set for HP C4324

  Net Express - A collection of Links CD-R and CD-RW links

  CD-RW - The Unofficial Ricoh CD-ReWritable Page

  Goldenhawk - A commercial/free M$ CD-R product

  Adaptec - A commercial M$ CD-R product

  GEAR - A commercial UNIX CD-R product

  CDex - A DOS based CDDA program

  ISO-9660 - The ISO-9660 Filesystem standard

  SUSP - System Use Sharing Protocol Standard (The base fot the Rock Ridge Standard)

  RRIP - Rock Ridge Interchange Protocol Standard (The high level part of Rock Ridge)

  Rock Ridge - The Rock Ridge Standard

  Rock Ridge - The Rock Ridge Standard (may be temporarily unmounted)

  Rock Ridge - What are the Rock Ridge extensions?

  UDF and others - Information the about UDF filesystem and CD-RW media

  Apple CD's - Apple extensions to ISO-9660

  CD TEXT - CD TEXT (Sony)

  CD Disk ID - Disc Identification Method (Sony)

  Joliet - Microsoft's Joliet non Standard (dead)

  Joliet - Microsoft's Joliet non Standard (from James Pearson dead too)

  Joliet - Microsoft's Joliet non Standard (Gordon Chaffee)

  Joliet - Microsoft's Joliet non Standard (Gordon Chaffee alternate address)

  Joliet - Gordon's notes on the Linux Joliet implementation(alternate address)

  Joliet - Microsoft's Joliet non Standard (on microsoft.com)

  UCS-2 Escape sequences - Used for Joliet

  PC specs - Phoenix specs including Eltorito standard

  Eltorito emulator - El-Torito Disk Emulator and Dos CD-ROM driver

  Aspi_me - Search for the actual place of an aspi_me copy

  Frontends - GUI's for cdrecord

  FreeDB - A free approach to cddb

  FreeDB (German mirror) - A free approach to cddb (Mirror on BerliOS)

  Cdindex - A free CD database with a database system different to cddb

  MusicBrainz! - The Cdindex sucessor

  CD-i - Some CD-i information

  CD-i - Some CD-i association

  Brennmeister - A nice German background page

  CDR-Server - A nice Czech background page with drive comparison lists

  CD tests - CD DAE Test results (interesting)

  CD Recording FAQ - CD Recording FAQ Deutsch

  CD Recording Datenbank - CD Recording FAQ Deutsch mit Datenbanksuche

  Solaris 2.5 boot - Burning a bootable CDRom for Solaris 2.5

  Solaris 2.6 boot - Burning a bootable CDRom for Solaris 2.6

  Solaris boot summary - Summary on burning a bootable CDRom for Solaris

  Solaris Sparc Boot - Burning a Sparc bootable CDRom using mkisofs

  Linux Boot - Easy to use Linux boot loader

  Linux Boot - Memdisk documentation

  SCSI/mmc - The SCSI-3/mmc-2 Standard (old server)

  SCSI/mmc - The SCSI-3/mmc-2 Standard

  SCSI/mmc - The SCSI-3/mmc-3 Standard

  SCSI-3 - T10 Home Page

  SCSI-3 - Architecture overview

  SCSI-3 - Error codes (old server)

  SCSI-3 - Error codes

  CD infos - CD, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RAM: The Family Album

  CD infos - CD's Color Books, Modes, Forms and Subchannels

  CD Extra - Enhanced CD

  CD specs - Specs for freeware Developers

  CD library - CD Technical Library

  General - Electrical Engineering (Consumer Electronics)

  CD-Audio - Audio Compact Disk - An Introduction

  CD-Audio - Audio Compact Disk - Writing and Reading the data

  CD-ROM - CD/ROM -- An extension of the CD audio standard

  CD misc - Other disk formats of interest

  CD Subcode - CD Q-Subcode Decoding and Display


  CD-Multimedia - Clickable Imagemap of a CD Player

If anyone is interested, ECMA (http://www.ecma.ch/) has some CD/DVD specs:

  ECMA-130 Data Interchange on Read-only 120 mm Optical Data Disks (CD-ROM)

  ECMA-167 Volume and File Structure for Write-Once and Rewritable Media Using Non-Sequential Recording

  ECMA-168 Volume and File Structure for Read-Only and Write-Once Compact Disk Media for Information Interchange

  ECMA-267 120 mm DVD - Read-Only Disk (December 1997)

  ECMA-268 80 mm DVD - Read-Only Disk (December 1997)

  ECMA-272 120 mm DVD Rewritable Disk (DVD-RAM) (February 1998)

  ECMA-273 Case for 120 mm DVD-RAM Disks (February 1998)






Кладезь с сайта -  www.bswd.com

Handy Resources

Free Storage Publications

Upcoming Conferences and Events

Upcoming Meetings of Standards Organizations

Tutorials: Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)

Tutorials: iSCSI/IP Storage

Tutorial: InfiniBand

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)

New Stuff

Storage News, Reviews and Guides

Server Blade Summit 2004: Blade Standards Birds of a Feather Session (9 March 04, 7-9pm)

Server Blade Summit 2004: Workshop B2: Storage Architectures (11 March 04, 1-2pm)

SAN West 2002: Session 105 - Storage Management (14 May 02, 1545-1715)

SAN West 2002: BOF Session - iSCSI (14 May 02, 1900-2100)

FCTC 2001: 4th Fibre Channel Technologies Conference: Session 203 - Storage Management Software (17 Oct 01)

FCTC 2001: 4th Fibre Channel Technologies Conference: BOF Session - SAN File Systems (17 Oct 01)

SAN Conference 2001: Session 103 - Storage over Ethernet and IP (6 June 01, 1330-1500)

SAN Conference 2001: BOF Session - Storage over Ethernet and IP (5 June 01, 1900-2100)

FCTC 2000: 3rd Fibre Channel Technologies Conference: Session 103 - Relationships with SCSI (11 Oct 00, 1330-1500)

SAN Conference 2000: Session 203 - Storage Management Software (1 June 00, 1045-1215)

FCTC '99: 2nd Fibre Channel Technologies Conference: Session 103 - Relationships with SCSI (3 Nov 99)

Storage Talks, Conference Archives and White Papers

Parallel SCSI Interface

iSCSI (Internet SCSI)/SCSI over IP/FC over IP/iFCP

Ultra320 SCSI

Parallel SCSI Documents

Extended Copy (XCOPY) SCSI Command for SAN Serverless Backup

Bridges/Routers: Fibre Channel to Parallel SCSI

Bridges/Converters for SCSI, IDE/ATA/ATAPI, 1394 and USB

New Approaches to SCSI and Storage

Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)

SCSI Socket Services (SSS)

IDE/ATA/ATAPI Parallel Interface (see also Optical Storage)

Serial ATA (SATA)


Storage and I/O Organizations

Fibre Channel Serial Interface

IEEE 1394 Serial Interface

Universal Serial Bus (USB)

SAN and NAS Topics

Software: Tools, Drivers, Managers

File Systems

IEEE 1244 / OpenVault / SmartMedia

Windows/NT/Win2000/UNIX Topics

Standards Bodies

Standards: Search and Acquisition

Organizations, SIGs and Developer Groups

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

Optical Storage, incl. DVD and CD (see also IDE/ATA/ATAPI)

CD-ROM command packets were originally described in INF-8020

The latest Mt. Fuji DVD command set related documents can be found here.

The latest 8090 spec seems to be available here

The ANSI T10 group also works on CD/DVD standards, through the Multimedia Command set (MMC) series of standards. ANSI T10 draft standards are found here.

The UDF file system found on most DVD-ROMs is described here and here.



>>>     ATA, ATAPI, SCСI  интерфейсы  и  другие  стандарты     <<<      

Two specs for generic PCI IDE controllers: programming and general.

Brian Berg's software cornucopia
T13 - ATA/ATAPI working group
T10 - SCSI working group








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